Dear So and So

Friday is here, and thusly, another opportunity to unload…and spread some gratitude. Read on…

Dear So and So...

Dear Pea,

Screaming “I don’t like it here! I want to move away” because I didn’t make you hot dogs for supper/asked you to wash your hands before dinner/asked you to stop kicking your brother will not change my mind in any way, but may cause me to help you pack your bags, just to prove to you that you really, really don’t want to leave home.

Love, Mommy


Dear Vax,

I’d like to register a complaint with the Vax vacuum that I purchased from you. I’m not sure what blind person designed it, but I’m guessing he has never actually operated a vacuum before.

Because, you see, the exhaust/blower/whatever you want to call it? It’s on the front. Not up high, but directed, well, at the floor. As in, blowing on the floor where I’m trying to vacuum. Basically, much of my time is spent chasing down escaping dustbunnies as they get blown across the floor. People, this is pure sitcom material.

Oh, and another treat? Because there is so much air being blown, that dust on the floor gets stirred up. In the air. Covering everything in a fine coating of dust.

Dusting picture frames occasionally is expected; dusting them daily (and I’m talking about the ones hanging on the walls) is way not cool. And the baseboards. And the railings. And the chairs, and the end tables, and anything placed on the tables that haven’t been moved since the last time I dusted. I mean, my shoes? Really?



A Dissatisfied, dusty customer


To my brain:

I realize that you’ve had a few cells killed off from (a) pregnancy, (b) whining and (c) alcohol in my university years, but for GOODNESS SAKE, the pantomime is tomorrow. PLEASE remember your lines.




Dear Fairy Hobmother from Appliances Online,

You made my otherwise horrendous week brighter by waving your magic wand at me and surprising me with the news that you were going to send me some lovely, scrummy chocolates – just for posting a comment on  blogpost at Mummy’s Shoes!!  There is nothing like a random act of kindness to bring one out of their slump.

You rock!

From, Me


There really is nothing like a random act of kindness to make one’s day!  And it’s true, the Appliances Online Fairy Hobmother DID pay me a visit this week, just for posting a comment on a blog post over at Mummy’s Shoes.  Appliances Online sells all kinds of cookers and household appliances, like my (ok, landlord’s) Stoves Richmond range cooker – which is also one of the many that they also sell – what about you?

If you leave a comment on my blog, you just might get a visit from the Fairy Hobmother, too!! So go ahead, comment away, anything at all – you never know, the Fairy Hobmother might decide that you need a little sweetness in your life, too!



  1. Dear Momma On The Rocks,
    You make me laugh. Daily. I truly believe Pea and my G were cut from the same cloth. Each time I read your posts on her – I laugh and nod my head in agreement. And then, I think, “geesh, I should really up-date my blog” and then I go to the kitchen, grab some coffee and play with the babe. I’ll get back to it. Eventually.

    In the meantime… keep the blogs coming!

  2. Gmom Phyl says

    Will the Fairy Hobmother visit me, too?? Good luck tomorrow!!
    My mother helped me pack a bag, when I went to live with the squirrels, at the Magic Age of Five!

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  3. I’ll have to come back to find out what a Fairy Hobmother is, but it certainly sounds like a good thing 🙂 I took an empty suitcase and “ran away” up to the park, but no one noticed and I ended up walking back later.

  4. john trident says

    Hi Guys,

    I’m John from (formerly known as Appliances Online).
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    If you could message me quickly when the link is down so
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    Thanks in advance for any help you can give,

    John Trident

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