She Drives Him Crazy

Looking at Mama Kat’s list of weekly writing prompts, one jumped out at me immediately. (Actually, it reached out, grabbed my by the neck and bitch-slapped me, as if to say “oh, no – don’t go here, you’re only asking for trouble”.)

Fortunately, I’m a bit slow on the uptake. Unfortunately, he’s slammed with work right now, and not much interested in my weird proddings.

So I imagined asking the Hubs “What do I do that drives you crazy?”

Well, there is the cuticle biting. (I know, I know…don’t lecture me. But since the typical manicure lasts only about 12 hours before I chip the polish, I just don’t get them.) Oh, yes, he hates the cuticle biting….

Or there is the “over-thinking out loud” habit that I have. I tend to obsess, sure. And I do talk when I’m worrying an issue. A lot. Can I help it? The puppy doesn’t tend to provide much feedback and I do keep things running around here. Kind of.

Sheesh. Get off my back, dude.

And then there is the computer. Yes, I spend a lot of time on my laptop. (Ok, so I should have the Wi-Fi logo tattooed on my butt, but whatever.) IN MY DEFENSE – not all that time is spent on ME. I plan the family holidays. Research parking options for his trip with Boo. Pore over housing rental websites. Shop for World Book Day costumes. GROCERY shop. Important stuff. He doesn’t say much out loud. It’s more about long suffering looks and eye rolls.

Good grief, man, leave me alone!!!!!


We heard of a potential rental property coming on the market. I have been doing a lot of research into how to buy a rental property recently as we have decided that it would be a great way to boost our earnings. We might not be big real estate experts, but online resources like the Roofstock website have been particularly useful over the past few weeks.

With this in mind, we have been looking at a few different ways to finance a rental property. Some friends of ours who own rental properties told us that they have taken out buy to let mortgages in the past. In case you were not aware, a buy-to-let mortgage is a type of mortgage sold to people who buy property as an investment, instead of as a place to live.

If we did decide to take out a buy-to-let mortgage, we would only have to pay the interest on the loan as it accrues every month, using some of the proceeds from the rent that we would be collecting. Any capital debts would only have to be paid at the end of an agreed term.

Consequently, if you have any financial tips for investing in rental properties, we would love to hear them!

Anyway, in googling the town (I didn’t know where it was), I read on their village website that they were fighting to get broadband. Whu-huh? Ok, so they do have some broadband, but at less than one-third the speed we have here. The Hubs, not looking up from HIS laptop, says “well, we can cross THAT house off your list. You can’t live without the internet.”

Well, I’d prefer to have a roof over my head thankyouverymuch, Mr. Smarty-Pants. I’m not THAT selfish.

I’ll just suffer.

In silence.

At the Globe. Or the Granary. THEY have Wi-Fi…


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  1. I know exactly what you mean… no internet!! I’d go crazy! haha.. no really, I could survive without it IF I had to! 🙂

  2. I spend a lot of time on my computer blogging and it drives my hubby crazy and more so especially because I don’t get paid to blog. I like it though and that’s good enough for me.

    Visiting you via Mama Kat’s! I added myself to your Google Friend Connect.
    Stop by and visit me and read about how I drive MY husband crazy!

  3. Life without a computer? Perish the thought!!!
    Great post — LOL

    (from mama kats — Im following)

  4. I haven’t even gotten over there to read the prompts yet! Great post. My husband gets a bit bent with the blogging thing cuz I don’t get paid. I think my clutter REALLY drives him nuts though.

  5. LOL! (But life without the the internet at my fingertips? That’s would drive ME crazy 😉 )

  6. No one to drive crazy with spending too much time in the computer so I guess I’m lucky.

    Lovely Post.

  7. I totally do that “over-thinking out loud” thing…drives my kids NUTS. So, of course, I keep doing it!

  8. I’m surprised Gerard didn’t mention my computer obsession as something that makes him crazy. It’s much better now that we have a dog because he enjoys taking the dog on long walks o has something to occupy himself while I’m on the computer. Often he’s watch hockey or baseball too which occupies him.

    Stopping by from writer’s workshop. Here’s the links to ours if you get a chance to stop by: and

  9. Well, of course you can’t live without the internet – you’re a blogger! And a normal human being 😉

    Very cute post! Visiting from Mama Kat’s.

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