Pillow Talk: Papa’s Jet Pack

My bedtime conversations with Boo are meandering paths through his fascinating little mind. Tonight’s conversation veered from Wii games, to the size of Aunt Jill’s TV (“ginormous”) and how he thought they got it to their house (“Uncle Bob’s grain truck”). I mentioned that Papa had bought a new TV and removed the shelves on one side of the entertainment unit so that the new big TV would fit.

He giggled at the thought of Papa taking power tools to his entertainment center, then thoughtfully said:

“Papa could fix it. He’s pretty clever. He could fix anything.”

“He can DO anything.”

Dramatic pause.

“Except fly”. (Of course.)

“Unless he built a jet pack.” (Obvious solution.)

“But it would have to be a really, really strong jet pack.”

Oops. Erm. Yeah.


  1. So sweet. My kids think my dad can fix anything too. He is building a car from the ground up and Boo thinks that is the coolest thing ever.

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