Project We: When In Vienna

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, correct?

So I assume it follows that when in Vienna, do as the Viennese.

Which, apparently, is drink coffee and eat cake.

Lots of cake.


Lots and LOTS of cake.

And ice cream. And not just a simple scoop of ice cream, but masterpieces of sundaes.

Or banana splits.

And strudel.

Oh. My.

The strudel.


I could eat this every single day.

But then I’d be as big as a house.

Yes, we had a lovely time in Vienna. We saw palaces. We walked and walked.

And when we needed a break?

Coffee. And Cake.

And no, I didn’t Weight Watchers point anything that week.

And I don’t care.

* * *

This post was my much belated contribution to the “Food” prompt from Project We.

I’m plainly so far behind on my Project We posts, I’m wandering lost.



  1. Yum…. that’s all I have…. yum

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