Project We: Kindness (or, I Love It When My Kids Don’t Kill Each Other)

I love my children. They are very sweet, loving and kind. This is not just my own biased opinion – this has in fact been pointed out by their teachers at school.  They show a compassion for other children that I think is beyond their years sometimes.

Until it comes to each other.

Why is it that siblings fight like cats and dogs?

Why is it that my extremely tall, off-the-growth-chart son can be brought to tears by his 1.1 meter tall sister? (Ok, so when she sat on his head, it DID finally knock that bottom tooth out, so maybe I didn’t show the proper concern that I should have, because as I’ve mentioned, wobbly teeth make my stomach clench.)


Needless to say, when they DO show each other kindness, it literally brings tears to my eyes.

Like last Wednesday.

Wednesday was Pea’s birthday. Before he left for school (The Hubs drops Boo off at breakfast club because my Type A firstborn does not like to be late, and Pea is made of slow), he stopped Pea and said:

“If anyone is mean to you on the playground today, you let me know. I’m not letting anyone be mean to you today.”

Tomorrow, of course, is an entirely different story.


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