Happy 7th Birthday to My Son

Dear Boo,

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy! How could 7 years have flown by so quickly?

When you came into the world, you looked so much like your Daddy that the nurses call you his little “Mini-me”, although time has shown that while you look like your daddy, you are a lot like me…

The firstborn, the rule follower, determined, a bit anxious at trying new things but glad when you finally give it a go, tough on yourself (and your sister), and creative. When you are tough on yourself, it breaks my heart, because this is so like me, and I pray that you will see the wonderful child that you are and have more faith and confidence in yourself.

And because we are so much alike, we butt heads, you and I. I hate it when we do, and I’m working on my end – so be patient. I’ll get there.

Thankfully, there is a lot of Daddy in you, too – you are outgoing, particular, driven, and yes, at times, a bit incapable of deciding. Yes, I know it is hard.

I love your creativity, your music, your singing in the shower, your drawings, your poems. I also love that all of your enthusiasm has remained on paper, and not on my walls or furniture. (And, of course, that you would never consider it, since you know it’s not allowed.)

You terrify me when you measure yourself against me and announce “when I’m ten, I’ll be as tall as you”. This pleases you greatly. If you are as tall as me, you won’t be my baby. I’m not ready for that, so be kind to your old mum.

You’ve met our move overseas with a sense of adventure that I never anticipated, adapting so quickly it is as if you were meant to live here. Your new English accent is lovely, even when you correct me for using the wrong word.

{And for the record, you say “car park”, I say “parking lot” ? I say they are the same thing, and you can’t change 40 years of vocabulary overnight. And I will likely say “pants” until the day we leave, so just accept it, ok?}


For the first two years of your life, oh, did we do everything together, you and I! We had playdates with friends, watched the trains come and go at the station, went for long walks in the stroller, and even went to the movies! We had fun together, you and I. And when your sister came along, you had to learn to share me, which was tough because she seems to need Momma so much and makes you think you need fight for my attention.

You don’t need to  worry about that, baby. You’re both my favorites, and I’ve vowed that this year, you and me? We’re going to take more time out to do things together, just the two of us. Maybe even go to the movies.

Next time, I’ll actually let you eat my Junior Mints.

You have always been a kind heart, and are thoughtful beyond your years. We should be going out for your birthday dinner today, but you know your little sister is sick and shouldn’t go out to a restaurant, so you offered up that we wait until a time when we all could go.

So. So. Sweet. *clenches heart*

And guess what? She loves you back, just as much.

You know the story of your name – Samuel Belden was the first Belden to come to America from England, and there has been a Samuel in nearly every generation – and we are big on family and history.

Well, something else you should know is that Samuel means “God heard”. When we asked Him for you, we couldn’t imagine what a blessing we would be given.

God heard, indeed.

Happy birthday, my tall boy.

I love you to the moon, and back.

Always, your Mom xxoo


  1. Happy birthday to your adorable little man 🙂 (I call my kiddos “boo” too: big boo and little boo 😀 )

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