10 Famous People of Wales, (or, Moving to Wales)

Yes, we are moving to Wales. (Yes, Wales the country, people.)

I’m surprised by the number of times I’ve had someone comment “I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone moving to Wales. England, maybe. Scottland. Not Wales. Huh.” This comment is typically followed by something along the lines of “I don’t even know of anyone from Wales”.

I’m actually embarrassed by the number of people who aren’t actually sure where Wales is, and force me to explain. (Brings a whole new meaning to the term “Fail Whale”.)

So, dear readers, so that you know that I am not disappearing into a land of sheep and…erm…something else (adjusting my teaching hat and stepping upon my soapbox) I present a brief (and not inclusive) list (in no particular order – its my blog, after all) of “10 Famous People from Wales*”:
*I realize the list is not complete; I’m highlighting the Welsh most familiar to we Americans
Sir Anthony Hopkins

  1. Sir Anthony Hopkins
  2. Richard Burton
  3. Laura Ashley
  4. Timothy Dalton (had no ideal he was Welsh!)
  5. Catherine Zeta Jones
  6. Tom Jones (pauses to throw underwear)
  7. Dylan Thomas (see, I always thought he was Irish – go figure!)
  8. Roald Dahl (author of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Matilda, James & the Giant Peach, to name a few)
  9. Charlotte Church
  10. Rhys Ifans, actor (he played the odd Welsh roomate to Hugh Grant in Notting Hill – oddly, he was the first Welshman to come to mind after Prince Charles) which leads me to add a #11:
  11. Charles, Prince of Wales

Noticeably absent from the list, much to Boo’s dismay, is Fireman Sam:

Sam is quite disappointed that I won’t be meeting Fireman Sam when we travel to Hay next week for our “vacation”, but I promised him I’d try to find a brigadier and take his picture.

For those of you still confused as to where we are moving, here is a map:

The little green bit on the map of the UK is Wales. It is a bit disconcerting that it isn’t named, but nevertheless, approximately 3 million people live there, so just take my word for it. I tweet with a number of lovely people every day, so my hopes are lightened as they are all delightful and funny. I do love that dry British sense of humor.

We have a lot of adjusting to do; I firmly believe that the British pronounciations sound absolutely ridiculous when spoken with an American accent, (and I think to-MAH-to sounds downright pompous from an American) but I will try my best to use the UK english words so that I don’t embarrass myself too much.

To answer a few more questions:

  • Yes, I am excited. Currently I am overwhelmed, but once the movers come and nearly all of my worldly possessions, everything is out of my hands, and I can enjoy the summer as best as one can when one is ripping one’s overthinking 5 year old firstborn away from everyone and everything he knows and loves.
  • My, that sounded more grim than intended. Yes, we are excited.
  • No, we have not yet told the kids, and yes, we are dreading that moment. I think I shall pass this right upon to my dear husband, as he is the reason we are moving. (Bwah ha ha ha ha ha)
  • No, we are not selling our house. I love this house. I want to live in this house again when we come back. (And hopefully, by then, I’ll get the kitchen remodel that I so dearly want. Hint, hint, Pete, I know you are reading this.)
  • No, we are not buying a house there. A) It is my understanding that one cannot buy a house there on a visa; and B) I have no desire to hold two mortgages. Ever. Again.
  • No, I will not come back with a Welsh accent. I WILL likely come back talking about the weather more than you ever wanted, with no regard to your personal space, and saying things like “ring you up” (instead of “call you”) and “takeaway” (instead of “take-out”). I doubt, however, that I will ever say “Al-lu-MIN-ium”. There is no second “i” in aluminum. Never will be, in my dictionary.
  • Yes, Pea will set them back on her feet with her Princess Dresses and impish grin.

Overall, I do believe it will be a wonderful experience for us as a family. Right now, I’m simply overwhelmed by how much there is to do, and how little time in which to do it.

So please, be kind if I get a tad behind on my blogging. Needless to say, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of material AFTER we move, as I learn to deal with the washing machine, oven, mixer taps, and driving on the “wrong” side of the road. (Heaven help us all.)


  1. OMG, hilarious – as soon as you said you’re moving to Wales, I thought: “Catherine Zeta Jones is from there!” 😉 Now I have to go back to read the rest of your post…

  2. You must be so excited for this move! I would totally dread telling my kids, though. I’m scared to tell my oldest son it’s time for dinner for fear of how he’ll react! Good luck to you. I can’t wait to read all about this adventure! How fun!

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