Graduation, Preschool Style

(Editor’s note: this is a bit delayed, but I was so overcome with emotion that night, I couldn’t blog about it. I’d tear up and my keyboard got soggy. I don’t think it was so much the graduation itself as a reflection of everything we’ve garnered from the preschool experience, and the full brunt of the realization that moving means leaving all of it behind. Dammit, i’m tearing up again.)


Ok, I’ll admit it:

I’ve always thought that Preschool and Kindergarden graduations were thoroughly ridiculous.

And yet, here we are, with Boo graduating from Preschool.

When it is all said and done, it IS a huge accomplishment – just being apart from Mom for any length of time during the week is tough. To learn to separate, be confident, spell his name, start to read, cut with scissors (hey, I wasn’t going to do this – give Boo a pair of scissors when he lives in the same house as Pea, who drives him nuts? I figured he’d cut off one of her pony tales if I did…)

But I digress.

It was a very sweet (and short) event. After the preschool director spoke, and the rector led a prayer, the graduates walked down the center aisle, one by one, as the director introduced them. Boo was first (by order of the alphabet) and was told what an important and serious job it was. He took it to heart! Look at that face! So serious!

It didn’t take long, however, for his true colors to show. There is that Boo smile!

They treated us to three songs, and then they turned their tassels (or tried to).

They treated us to one last song, aptly named “Adios”, and it was over. Boo and his best buddies stopped to pose for a picture with Father Al.

Next stop, Kindergarden! (Or, First year, in Boo’s case. But don’t tell him that.)

I’ll admit it – I got very teary eyed when Boo marched down that aisle, ever so serious the expression on his face. But it wasn’t as much for the ceremony itself. It was more due to the recognition of an ending of one part of our life, and that we would be starting on a very different adventure soon.

He has no idea of all that is ahead of him in the coming months. Oh, I know, none of us know what is really going to happen, but he doesn’t yet know of all the vast changes that will occur in his life. Part of me felt really, truly guilty for pulling him from all these wonderful friendships that he has made. Heck, I was just starting to feel the true sense of loss of all the relationships that I had built, ever so slowly, over the past 6 years we’ve lived here. Friends through our church, through school, and neigbors that we will dearly miss. This is such a transient town, we don’t know who will be here when we move back, either.

So I snapped pictures, hoping desperately through my tears that something would turn out. Boo, in his little 5 year old world, was having one last night with ALL his friends together in one room, and that, for him, was “the best”.

And he celebrated as only a 5 year old can, with a group tackle.



  1. Sunshine says

    Awwwww………how sweet. I always get teared up when I stop to think about how quickly my girls are growing up, too. It seems to happen in the blink of an eye…

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