Meet Big Head Dolly (otherwise known as “Nancy”)

On her fifth birthday, Pea received a lovely gift from Mimi:

For a while, Pea simply referred to her as “Big Head Dolly”. Not very personal, but apt. I suggested that maybe she should find Big Head Dolly a name.

She said she’d think about it.

At first glance, Big Head Dolly has a very sweet face. (I think she looks quite a bit like one of Pea’s classmates, in a non-scary way.) However, I soon found Big Head Dolly a bit disconcerting. Her eyes – they are really, really wide. A “I’m staring you down” wide-opened gaze.

They follow you everywhere.

I won’t even bring up the spidery Tammy-Faye-like eyelashes.

Big Head Dolly is also pretty much life-sized. More than one evening I’ve gone into the playroom to put something away or make sure everything is properly turned off, and she’s scared the bejeezus out of me. In the dark, those eyes reflect the light from the street lamp.

I’m not keen on Big Head Dolly so much – especially since Pea has decided that put “away” is the window ledge. Every time I come home, I see her blond head framed in the front window, and it freaks me out.

Thankfully, Pea loves her – loves to put makeup on her and to put barrettes in and brush her hair. She isn’t put off by Big Head Dolly.

Who, by the way, is now named “Nancy”.

Yeah, she looks like a Nancy. *snort*


  1. So glad that Maddie is enjoying Nancy. Maybe she will keep the prowler away. Face her out. See will keep watch.

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