Dear So and So: My First Go

Dear So and So...

I’ve discovered a new (-to-me) meme, hosted by Kat over at 3 Bedroom Bungalow (*waves hi*). It’s been an overwhelming week, and so in the spirit of trying something new, here we go:

Dear Macy-pup,

That cute little trick you’ve learned – the one where you open the baby gate at the bottom of the steps with your nose – yes, that has to stop. You aren’t allowed upstairs until you can be trusted to not eat Pea’s entire stuffy collection.

And I don’t care that her bed is softer than yours.

Love, Mom


Dear Sky-TV,

We really, honestly, seriously do NOT want to upgrade our package now. We really do mean it this time. Don’t call back.




Dear Lines To The Panto Script,

GET IN MY HEAD. And stay there.

Thanks bunches,

Jenn (a.k.a. Ali Baba)


Dear Pea,

When it’s only 5 degrees celcius, you MUST wear socks with your Crocs. I don’t care if your Cinderella socks don’t match your outfit or your new socks are too tall. Put something on your feet or stay inside. Oh, and get used to the feeling of socks. It’s a long life ahead.

Love, Mom


Dear people of Hay,

I’d just like to clear up some confusion: we are NOT leaving Hay. The only moving coming up will be to a new house, as our lease ends this summer. My last blog post was written in response to my weekly writing prompt (an apparent bad choice on my part this week): “#2: What would it take for you to pick up and move?”

We. Are. Not. Leaving. Hay.



The American


Well, I feel better. Do you have something to get off your chest or feeling thankful for?  Link up over at 3 Bedroom Bungalow, or if you’re feeling lazy, just add your rant, thanks or celebration to the comments. Trust me, you’ll feel better.


  1. OMG what is it with kids and socks? Now for me it is shoes. But socks are a must, I always have on socks just no shoes.

    My firsts today too, LOVE this cute meme!

  2. Hi! I’ve just done my first dear so & so too!! Good luck remembering your lines!!

    Kate x

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