R.I.P. Noodles

We experienced a loss this weekend: Noodles, Pea’s longtime penguin friend. Sadly, it was also his birthday – we had just sung him “happy birthday” (in English, of course, because he wouldn’t understand the Welsh version, apparently) earlier that morning over Melissa & Doug wooden cupcakes.

Pea and Noodles met at Brookfield Zoo in 2007, and he came home to live with her. They did many things together, and he happily made the trip to Wales stuffed in a packing crate so that he could welcome her here. He’s put up with a lot, that poor penguin, and he didn’t deserve to go the way he did.

Pea was tossing Noodles around in the living room (something that is not allowed, the throwing of toys, by the way). Warned to be careful, she once again tossed him up – he bounced off the ceiling – and didn’t come back down.

We thought he was stuck on top of the bookshelf.

We thought wrong. Apparently, there is an opening on top of the bookshelves, where there is a space between the shelves.

Yes, Noodles fell down the well, so to speak.

Pea looked at us expectantly and said “Well, pull out the bookshelves then, please.” We explained that they are built in. We pointed to the spot where we thought he might be. She looked at us. “Well, take it off”.

I’ve racked my brain. I can’t figure out how to get an 8″ stuffed penguin from a 10′ deep hole, the opening of which is about 4″ wide and 2′ from the ceiling.

Unlike the Chilean miners, there is no rescue for the poor thing. Maybe, someday, if our landlords decide to renovate the bookshelves, he will be discovered. Until then, well, I’m just thankful that stuffed animals can’t cry.

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