The Daddy Pony

With Pea’s birthday approaching, the requests for ideas for birthday gifts have started to roll in.

When I mentioned that Aunt Jill wanted to know what she might want, Pea responded, “You know, I have lots of mommy and baby ponies, but no daddy pony. I think I’d really like to have a daddy pony.”

A daddy pony? WTF?

I sigh, my eyes roll, because Pea does NOT respond well to further questioning. “Sooooo…do you mean a daddy pony to go with Sparkles (her stuffed unicorn) and Ella (her stuffed horse)?”

“NOOOOOOO” she wails. “That’s a UNIcorn, Mummy, NOT a HORSE.” She flops onto the sofa in a state of despair.

“Well, do you mean a horse for the stables that Santa brought you for Christmas?”

“NOOOOOOOOO. Dos have SKINNY legs!!! I mean the ones with FAT legs”, a muffled wail erupts, as she is now flopped face down on the sofa, feet still on the floor.  *I think I have mentioned that she IS a drama queen* However, I have no idea what she is talking about.

“Go get them for me, since I obviously don’t know which ponies you mean.”

She brought down ALL of her “My Little Ponies”.

*do you remember when My Little Ponies were a Happy Meal toy? Yup. Apparently, we ate there quite a bit.*

I asked “How do you know they are girls?”

She says “They all have eyelashes”.


Good luck with that one, Aunt Jill!


  1. that’ quite a collection! good luck to Aunt Jill indeed! haha

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