(It Should Be) Wordless Wednesday…(But It’s Not)

I had several lovely photos all picked out for Wordless Wednesday from yesterday’s St. David’s Day assembly…but then it occurred to me that my non-Welsh followers (all six of you) aren’t familiar with St. David, the patron saint of Wales, so a little background info would be helpful.

St. David is the patron saint of Wales, and his feast day, March 1 is a national day of celebration in Wales. For the school celebration, there were many little girls wearing traditional Welsh costumes (a flannel or wool dress, apron, shawl, and hat), and  the boys were quite happy to wear red shirts that said “Cymru” (Wales) or Welsh Rugby shirts. You’ll also see people wear one of the national emblems of Wales to celebrate St. David: the daffodil or the leek on this day.

Lunch, apparently, was cawl cennin – or leek soup – which Pea declared to be yucky.  No official ruling from Boo, but I’ve read that this is a traditional Welsh meal on St. David’s day – not unlike corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day (which, personally, I’m not fond of, so I’ll support Pea if she wants to take a pass on the cawl.)

The displays of Welsh pride are evident in the glittery hat in the colors of the flag of Wales. It takes some kind of pride to pull off this hat.

Yes, I want one. *hello? Glitter!*




Boo’s class told a story – in Welsh – about the Gingerbread Man. He had told me the night before, laughingly, that someone was going to dress up as the gingerbread man.

He didn’t know it would be him.


Wait…you can listen for yourself. Or not. Because the darn video isn’t linking up. (I’ll fix it…be patient….maybe now?)



(While she looks very serious here) Pea was VERY excited to wear the traditional Welsh costume. (The pink light-up glittered trainers, however, are not part of the traditional costume. They should be.)   They sang a song about a cawl, and she got to hold up the potatoes when they sang about the “potatoes in the cawl”.  In Welsh. (This time, I’d seen her practice sheet, so I knew what she was singing about, at least.)


Unfortunately, their assembly was held after lunch…and after lunch play. Pea’s dress looks like she used the shawl as a napkin and then rolled on the playing field.

The Welsh Flag. Boo is a big fan of the dragon.



So. Stinkin’. Cute.


I think my little Welsh girl and boy have settled in very well!


  1. They are both so darn cute. So nice to see them having such fun at school.

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