What Would They Do Without Me?????

Pea has been in quite the  mood lately. And when she gets in one of these moods, of course, the ranting eventually turns to “I don’t like this house. I don’t WANT to live with you. I’m running away.” Boo has been quite bossy, and when I call him on it, the bossiness turns to whininess.

I HATE whining.

Tonight, fed up with the crankiness and lack of gratitude and overall bad attitudes, I threw MY dinner fork and said “That’s it. You can stay here. I’M leaving. What would you do without me?”

And then I put MYSELF in time-out on the hall bench to cool down, and let them think about it.

Curiously enough, they did.

So, without further ado, here is my list of:

“The top 10 things my kids would miss about me if I were abducted by Martians (or ran away)”

  1. Reading to them using funny voices
  2. Snuggling at bedtime
  3. The potty dance (don’t ask!)
  4. Playing Mario Kart with me (Daddy gets too mad!)
  5. My Sunday morning pancakes
  6. Taking them for ice cream at Shepherds after school (*I guess they forgot that Daddy often takes them on weekends)
  7. Eating tea together
  8. Holding my hand, walking *Pea*
  9. Squeezy hugs
  10. …..

And then they ran out of steam.

*Hangs head in shame*

Well, at least they’d miss my pancakes.


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  1. My kids would probably miss our lights since daddy has never paid a bill in his life.

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