All About Mom (from a 5 year olds point-of-view)

Today, Boo’s class sang us songs in honor of Mother’s Day! Their presentation included boisterous versions of “Skidamarink”, “Mommy Loves Me (This I know)”, and ____, complete with hand motions (I’m tellin’ ya, I can see the future rock star in him now! Although, his friend Ellie has him hands-down in the volume department. She is the cutest thang I’ve ever seen!)

At the end of their songs, they took a deep bow (again, Boo, has his nailed) and ran madly towards their respective moms (or Dads, as the case may be) and presented us with handmade cards.

The front of my card looks like this:

HOW did he know that I’ve always coveted blond curly hair??? And a long, elegant neck. And HUGE eyes. (Sadly, he got the nose down, too.)

This is the inside:

In case you cannot read it, here is my son’s take on Me, Mom extraordinaire:


What is your Mom’s Name: Jen
What does she do? Goes to the gym

How old is she? 17 (Did I mention I love this kid?)

What is her favorite drink? Diet Coke

What is her favorite food? stop sign cereal * (noo, Pizza. Wait; chocolate)

What is her favorite color? blue

Where does she like to take you for fun? The train station

What message do you want to send her for Mother’s Day? I Love You!

*Otherwise known as Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfuls. Nothing in this house seems to go by its actual name….

All the moms had a great laugh comparing answers. It was interesting how many favorite things was “go to Target”, and how many favorite drinks were some form of “wine”.
Which, honestly, I’m quite surprised he didn’t say – so kudos to Boo for not calling me out.
I love this boy!!!!

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