Make Me Laugh Monday – 80’s, Revisited (Just a stopover, I’m not staying)

Saturday night I dragged the Hubs to an 80’s party.

Dressed as Slash. {Note for my mom: Slash was the lead guitarist for Guns ‘N Roses}

And yes, we walked there. I’m sure the sight of a guy with shoulder-length hair and a polyester-foam top hat, and aviator glasses – at night – was slighting disturbing to the elderly restaurant-goers we passed.

I, on the other hand, was outfitted in a vintage 80’s jacket (replete with shoulder pads, thank you eBay) and (I shudder to admit) a hair scrunchie. Sadly, the ONLY bit of my costume that was not new was the jacket.

Everything else came from Primark.

When my friend Nadine and I went shopping, we were groaning at the atrocities we saw on the racks (all the while grabbing it up, squeaking “this is perfect – isn’t it awful”) – and there were orange-y young ladies on the other side of the racks holding up THE SAME ACCESSORIES squealing “this is perfect – it will go great with this shirt”.

And, while I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: there is a certain amount of satisfaction in knowing that in 25 years, those same girls will be looking back at pictures of themselves in those clothes, wondering “What the hell were we thinking? And why were we so orange?”

Needless to say, when we pushed our purchases at the cashier, we were quick to let on that we were buying for a fancy dress party. In no uncertain terms did we want anyone thinking we would actually wear this stuff in real life. (Now our daughters? That’s a different story. Pea stroked the pearl beaded bracelets I was wearing with a sense of near-worship.)

Actually, it really is quite horrifying that we were able to completely outfit ourselves without going into a fancy dress shop. And the bulk of us covered the range from Madonna to the Bangles to Flashdance and Fame.

Really, people, can’t we just leave the 80’s where they should be? In photo albums and high-school and college yearbooks, where we can mock the hairstyles and bad clothing choices – and as a theme for fancy dress parties? It should in no means be resurrected in any relation to actual FASHION.

*I’ll step down off my soapbox now*

There was a certain amount of trepidation on the walk over, wondering if we’d be the only fools dressed up. (And being amidst the early arrivers – hey, we had babysitters, y’all – we were the only fools dressed up.)

All that said, there was a lot of fun to be had in the atrociousness- and cleverness- of the attire and the music that brought back memories. I mean – Jon Bon Jovi? Madonna? “Come on Eileen” and “It’s Raining Men”? OF COURSE we had fun.

madonna, dexy's midnight runners and sid vicious...or close enough

Gotta have some head-banging and air guitar....

Glitter, glam and neon....

And I’ll be honest – it was hard looking in the mirror, as the girl in the 80’s clothes the first time around was likely 100 pounds sopping wet – and this time around, well, not so much so (unlike the rest of my friends).

But I still wore that mini-skirt with pride. (And leggings, to cover my arse.)


So the only lingering question is: what the hell do I do with the scrunchies now?


  1. I love the 80’s but we did look silly

  2. How fun!

  3. Too funny. (BTW – I don’t remember Slash being around in the 80’s? Wonder why?)
    I had a bit of a fit the other day when my teen was trying to do an 80’s thing and she had her legwarmers pulled up to her knees. No, no, no.

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