The Things We Teach Our Kids

So, Boo is a thirsty kind of guy. He drinks a lot.

Which, you know, means that he needs to pee. Frequently. And his timing? Well, it’s less than perfect.

Just ask my husband, who generally is asked to bring Boo to the loo approximately 30 seconds after our meal has been delivered to our table.

I can attest to his need to wee exactly 5 minutes AFTER his baby sister has fallen asleep in the car, traveling cross-country on the highway, and I’m the sole driver. (Actually, the first time can be attributed to bad timing. Subsequent needs to stop could more accurately be attributed to his delight in peeing out the side door of the mini-van, which was pulled over along the side of the on-ramp. *Not that I’m advocating this, but cars tend to be traveling faster exiting the expressway than entering it, and it’s less dangerous than pulling to the side of a busy highway if you can’t make it to a rest stop*)

Or, for example, 45 minutes into a long bus ride. On a bus with no loo.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The Hubs addressed it in the best way he could – he introduced him to the empty water bottle.

Thankfully, the bus was crowded with Europeans, so if anyone saw it, we didn’t catch any comments, likely being expressed in German, given our immediate neighbors.

It seems like a simple process, at a glance. Unfortunately, Boo was in a half-sitting/half-standing stance, and was uncomfortable. And fidgety. Boo started to whine because he was uncomfortable, and so Hubs told him he either had to stand up, or sit down. Which he did, without warning. And without said warning, the Hubs was unprepared, and Boo’s bits, erm, slipped OUT of the bottle.

And thus unconstricted, he finally was able to wee. Unfortunately, uncontained, he hit his shirt…and the Hubs…before the Hubs could correct Boo’s aim.


He did, in the end, half-fill the bottle. Proudly.

And I could tell, by the gleam in his eye, that we’d better be armed with an empty water bottle on our next road trip, too.

{image from Wet Behind the Ears via We Heart It}

Or a few.


  1. My seven year old Boo has a bladder like a stell trap so I never got to experience this…thankfully

  2. Love it!! Why are so many of our “parenting fail” moments wee-related?

  3. LMAO. The Professor loves peeing in a bottle when we go on really long road trips.

  4. HA! This almost feels like I could have written it. My son has taken a liking to peeing on the tires. And, for the first time this week, I pulled an empty water bottle out to use. I think I will always carry one with me now in case of emergencies, which seem to happen all the time.

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