Make Me Laugh Monday – Oh, the Things These Eyes Have Seen

I realize that some Europeans may well consider that Americans are….prudes when it comes to swimwear and/or nudity.

Let me tell you, given what I have seen today, this is NOT a bad thing.

I would have appreciated a shared sentiment of prudishness when I saw the 60+ nana poolside…topless.

Or the very, very, VERY rotund gentleman wearing a very, very, VERY small swimming costume. Lying on the beach, legs spread-eagle, propped up on rocks, arms crossed behind his head.


I do not have pictures. That may have damaged my camera.

I’ve seen a lot of grannies in bikinis today. Power to them, girlfriends….

The upside of all of this, however, is that I’m feeling way less self-consious in my swimsuit now.

I am also motivated to run out and buy the best support bra I can find, because, SHEESH.

The granny-boobies that were lying sideways as the owners of said boobies were lying on their tummies? You see that on adult sites, for example, that feature mature porn stars with boobs wrapped around to their backs due to gravity, I don’t want to see that on the beach or poolside.

Um, yeah.

My eyes are burning.


  1. Yikes!

  2. Did your little wonders comment on the sights. If so, that in itself should have been classic.

  3. Sometimes those images are the ones that stay embedded in our minds forever. Maybe you should try to cleanse your visual palate with some pictures from ?

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