I Confess….I’ve been overwhelmed

I really hate it when my mind is brimming with potential blog posts…and I either don’t have time – and believe me, given how late I tend to stay up, things must be really wacked for me to not have time – or someone in my house is so sick…that I can’t blog.

I’m really suffering withdrawal.

And a sinus infection, which, trust me, you do NOT want to fly with.

And a poorly son who is still nagged with tooth pain. I swear, I’ve never been so overwhelmed and felt so helpless as I have to attempted to manage his dental situation. I just need more time in the day to be able to take him. We need longer opening hours at our local dentistry like Dentist La Habra! But, I suppose, I’ll need to book time off and see what I can do for his pain. I just can’t afford the time off 🙁

Oh, and a daughter that managed to catch a milder version of the flu that has hit her school.

Did I mention that she threw up while on my lap 45 minutes before we needed to leave for the airport?

Um, yeah. Nice huh? Worse yet is that I was as concerned about dodging said vomit as I was about the fact that she was vomiting. Oh, I knew what she was coming down with, but damn, I didn’t want her to throw up on my Chuck Taylors.

Fortunately, she really must have gotten a mild version, as that was really the only episode. Did I mention that she wolfed down an airport lunch of Burger King chicken nuggets and fries?

NOT my idea, people – I was going to be sitting next to her, and the Thomas Cook seats are so close that she would barely have room to lean forward to…well…lose her nuggets.

She rebounded quickly, but I think she’s still a bit weak – the good swim she had this morning, combined with a post-lunch walk around town led to a serious late afternoon nap. Which I needed, too – inasmuch as I would rather have been napping poolside, but that’s ok.

She’s so darn cute when she sleeps.

Anywho….I’m all over the place here, aren’t I? Sorry. I can’t even blame it on the Sangria!

I’ll blame it on the bad rendition* of “Macho Man” coming out of the downstairs bar lounge, instead.

In the meantime, I’m going to take a deep breath, order another Sangria and find a more comfy chair here in the hotel!


*Is there ever a good rendition of “Macho Man”?


  1. To answer you question…. no , there is not

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