Her Bite is Worse than her Bark

Picking up Pea from school yesterday, her teacher met me with an uncomfortable look on her face.

“Can I talk to you a minute?” she asked.

We went back inside the classroom, where she explained that earlier in the day, Pea bit another student. In particular, Boo’s buddy, who I like to call “The Ninja”. ¬†She said “She bit him through his jacket and his jumper, and she drew blood.”

This is very disturbing, because (1) biting is serious and (2) how hard did she have to bite – through a down jacket – to draw blood???

It’s very surprising, too, because I couldn’t believe one of the older boys would stop long enough to LET such a pipsqueak bite him. Or that she would bite him in the first place, because she thinks he is funny.

I was mortified! And frankly, I was mad. She had gone through a biting phase with Boo, and I thought we had nipped that in the bud. No pun intended.

*Ok, maybe a little bit.*

Listening patiently as she choked out words through embarrassed tears, I finally learned that she was playing a game with her little friends. A game called “Dogs”. She wasn’t the only one growling and biting, but she was the only one that got carried away.

Not that this excuses the behavior, but it made me feel better that she didn’t bite to be mean. She was sternly told that she was never, ever to play dogs again. I also told her that if she did it again, the headmistress would make her go to another school. (Don’t judge me. Biting is bad.)

Knowing that she had been “told off” by her teachers, I marched her over to let her apologize to the Ninja and his mom (who knew nothing about the situation. He rolled up his sleeve to show me a lovely impression of Pea’s dainty teeth, but clarified that she didn’t draw blood. It was from a scissor cut. (Whew.)

Today he admitted that he wasn’t actually wearing his coat at the time, either.

Which is a huge relief, as I was worried that she was developing some “Twilight”-like poisonous bite that cuts through layers of clothing like butter.

In the end, the teachers were quite surprised. They couldn’t believe a sweet, happy little girl could DO something like that (and thus figured she had to be playing). “You wouldn’t know it to look at her”, she said.

Obviously, they’ve never read my blog.


  1. Evil was never a biter but she growls at people all the time. Is that worse?

  2. Thing One once clawed at his own face in order to avoid hitting another kid. That was an interesting day at preschool pickup.

  3. Wow. It happens. The school called me last year after my son peed on another student. It isn’t as bad as it sounds. Apparently, they were all having a “contest” and my son peed the farthest!

  4. You might ask her father about when he and Marshall Wright bit their best friend, Catherine Sessoms, in 3 year old Sunday School at Bruton Parish.

  5. First off, your header is awesome!
    Secondly, I’m sure your little pumpkin has learned her lesson.

    • Thanks! I sure hope she has…now I just need to trim those fingernails…and start to work on putting an end to her scratching her big brother!

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