Her “Special” Teeth

I think all the attention Boo is getting as a result of his problematic choppers is stepping on Pea’s toes. She’s been asking when SHE gets to go to Hereford and “get” one of her teeth pulled out. I think Boo finally set her straight tonight…but not before she shared this little gem:

P: “Momma, I’ve got a special tooth”

M: “Special teeth? You do, do you?”

P: “Yes, I have a special tooth. It’s right” (tapping her front tooth) “here” (tapping again)

Momma stifles a laugh and hides a smile. “What is so special about that tooth?”

P: “THIS is a special tooth because SOMETIMES it is very clean”.

Sometimes? Yikes.

Later on, she lets me in on the fact that she was “just being silly”.

Well, I certainly  hope so!

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