Project We: Yellow

Last week’s “Project We” subject was “yellow” and I will fully admit that my entry is late because, well, I was really lacking inspiration.

Yellow is not my favorite color.

Yellow also has a lot of negative connotations: a person can be “yellow-bellied” or have a “yellow streak”. It’s not often associated as being a healthy color, be it jaundice (looking yellow) or the shade of infectious…erm…stuff. ¬†You can catch Yellow Fever (and it’s nothing like Dance Fever.)

It’s symbolic for “caution”.

Yellow-jackets are not friendly insects.

You don’t eat yellow snow.

I SHOULD consider it a happy color. Sunflowers are happy. Canaries sound happy enough. I love me a yellow topaz. Heck, I painted the baby nursery in a neutral yellow because we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl with Boo. And, sure – I could write about a big yellow sun, or yellow bananas or yellow flowers, but that wouldn’t be very interesting.

And I can’t even try to top Coldplay’s “Yellow”.

Although, I think seeing Beaker sing it makes me happy.


This week’s Project We theme is actually blue. Last week’s was yellow. But I’m slow. And a procrastinator. And , to be honest, Boo didn’t want to write about yellow, so you’ll have to check back for his entry on “blue”.

Which IS my favorite color.

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