10 reasons I know it is Monday

Hello, and Happy Monday. I have to say “happy Monday” because it’s been such a classic “Monday” kind of day.  All day long. How do I know it is Monday?
  1. My son woke me up from a sound sleep so that I could straighten the collar on his school uniform. 6:45 am. Huh?
  2. It was -7 C when I took Pea to school;
  3. I went to the school wearing two mittens; I arrived home with only one. They were my dog walking mittens. It was still -7 C when we left for our walk…
  4. During Macy’s walk, she ate a lot of frozen sheep poo. Frozen sheep poo is chewed, not slurped. *if you want to throw up a bit in your mouth, go ahead. I have, already.*
  5. As did my puppy, when she returned home. But not in her mouth. Unfortunately.
  6. My weekly weigh-in? No change.
  7. I baked cupcakes for the kids, and Pea got mad that I frosted them without her. You’re welcome, kiddo.
  8. I have read the same sheet of lines for our pantomime no less than 42 times today, and nothing is sticking. Just call me Ali Booboo.
  9. I have a pounding headache, a hacking cough, and I’m exhausted. Did I mention that the Hubs has a business dinner tonight  (and the next two nights) and it’s bath night for the kids? Just shoot me now.
  10. I’m seriously considering serving Frosties for supper.
  11. and  a bonus – because I still don’t have my 2011 calendar, I accidentally wished my sister “happy birthday” on Facebook, thinking it was February 1. Yes, today is still January 31. Sorry, sissy.

The upside is that it is nearly 5pm – my day is nearly over (especially if I rush the kids to bed). And you know what?

I really like Tuesdays!


  1. The reason why this Monday wasn’t all bad is your sense of humour. Well done for seeing the funny side even when Macy eats the frozen sheeps’ poo!

  2. I had a case on the Mondays too.

  3. I have to say I am praying for a couple of snow days off work FOR ME…even if I have to spend them stuck in the house with the kids. Come Snowmegeddon (at least that’s one of the media scare names for the blizzard of 2011).

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