The Tooth Fairy Cometh (or will she?)

I am a f*cking moron.

And my poor son is paying for it.

My last (read: American) dentist asked for a sample of our tap water so that he could test it for fluoride content, so that he could confirm that we all were getting enough. So when I moved here, did I even think to ASK if the water is fluorinated?

It is not. And the local dentist didn’t do full mouth fluoride treatments. Or offer us fluoride tablets. Or suggest a fluorinated dental rinse (everything the new dentist we are seeing suggested).

Apparently, they also do suck-ass fillings, because I just learned yesterday that the OTHER tooth that Boo had filled late last fall also has deep root cavities, due to some “decayed matter not being fully removed”.

And before you ask, NO. They did not take an x-ray before they did the filling. And yes, I do regret not going to a different Dentist Little Falls that could probably do a much better job with me.

So before we can even tackle the abscessed tooth the poor lad has, I had to take him in today to have the other tooth cleaned up and refilled before it fully developed an abscess. His gums were already starting to get inflamed.

Just like his momma’s temper.

Because when I left the office yesterday, I was told aren’t even gonna try to safe the abscessed tooth. “It’s not worth it. We are just going to pull it”.

Poor Boo.

Since the filling alone is going to cost me a Mario Kart for the Wii (guilt is an expensive thing), I don’t even want to know what the tooth fairy brings when you lose a tooth due to shoddy dental care. Yes, he did get a cavity in that tooth in the first place, all on his own.

But Momma didn’t know about the fluoride situation, or lack thereof. And that’s my job.

I’m sure hoping the Tooth Fairy isn’t a total bitch, or I think I”m gonna get an ass whoopin’ in the middle of the night.


*Update: surprise, surprise, at today’s appointment, instead of redrilling the second filling, the “dental technician” actually did a pulpotomy on Boo’s abscessed tooth. No novocaine, no nitrous needed. She was lovely – although, believe me, I was confused when she asked me which tooth she should do first (um, the one they AREN’T gonna pull, thanks, if you’re giving me an option). We’re going to cross our fingers and hope this works so that we don’t need the sedation appointment next week to pull that tooth.


  1. Fingers crossed

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