Project We: Winter

I’ll admit it – Winter is my least favorite season, and once Christmas is over, I’m really ready to move on to spring. I tried to convince myself that warm cozy sweaters and tall boots are my favorite things about winter, but really?

Those are late fall items. And I’m a sundress and sandals kind of girl.

I don’t like snow. My favorite bit about snow? It covers the fields. Which makes the sheep stay inside. (Read: so my pup isn’t eating/rolling in loads of sheep poo. Eeeww.)  I do admit, I enjoy our walks through the fields.

However, winter here is not all about snow. Because the reality is, they UK doesn’t (typically) get a lot of snow. So do you know what you get when its 50 degrees?

Rain. Rain, rain, and more rain. Oh, wait. I live in Wales. (That would also be the forecast for spring and summer, too.) I’m pretty much good with rain. I could use a little more sun, but whatever.

And…unlike in Chicago, when the snow melts and the rain washes the dirty mess away, leaving dead, brown grass – here you can see green, green grass.

And if the sun comes out? It’s brilliant.

Almost like spring.


This post is my week 2 entry in “Project We”.


  1. jacquelynn Gardner says

    Beautiful photographs!

  2. I am a warm weather kind of guy. Sunshine is always preferable to cold.

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