Exercise much?

With the intent of warding off another early-morning meltdown, I warned Pea at bedtime that I might get up early to exercise and so I wouldn’t be in MY bed if she came looking for me for a morning snuggle. (She typically crawls into our bed at early o’clock, fights for space, then tosses and turns until we get up.)

She thinks about it for a moment and replies “Ok.” Then, “Can I watch you exercise this week? I haven’t exercised in about a week. After I exercise, I stretch and cool down.”

She says this all matter-of-factly. I fought back a snort.

Finally, trying not to laugh, I inquire “What kind of exercise do you do?”

She rolls over and glares at me. “I. Don’t. Know. ¬†What kind of exercises are there? What kind do YOU do?”

I started to tell her push-ups and weights and jumping jacks and such, but that led to more questions about what they are. And its bedtime. And I’m not demonstrating, which I know will come next.

Besides, since corralling kids and battling tantrums doesn’t count, I’d have to say: not near enough, baby doll. Not nearly enough – but I’m trying.


  1. Me neither. It seems there are always little people invading my space when I try.

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