Substitutions Allowed

We took the Hubs out for a belated birthday lunch this past weekend. While waiting for our food to arrive, Boo and Pea were drawing pictures (because, of course, I carry a small unlined notepad and pack of 12 mini washable Crayola markers. Doesn’t everyone?)

Pea had completed the drawing of herself and was beginning to add me to the picture when she let out a wail.

“OH NO. I drew you too big.” (All I saw was a very round circle for a body. Thankfully, she did not see me that big, and I love her all the more for it.)

She is very particular about her artwork and I could see that things were gonna get ugly, fast, so I said “Well, you could draw Papa instead…”

She smiled and said “That’s a good idea”. And so she did.

Crisis averted. Thanks, Dad, and my apologies.


  1. I totally carry a note pad and crayons.

    I’m always drawn as a stick figure. I love that they have no artistic talent. This means they will never capture my true form.

  2. LOL. Adorable picture though!

  3. I LOVED it. Told Dad to check it out. See if he laughs.

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