Make Me Laugh Monday: The Big Leading the Small

Much to Boo’s disappointment, Pea wants to do everything he does. So she is typically everyWHERE he is, right underfoot. (Literally, often – she is quite petite.)

So when I read Morningsidemom’s blog post “The Potty Trained teaches the Potty-Trainee” last week, I had a spark of hope. Boo could motivate Pea to sit on the potty! (forget about potty training, I just want to get her to SIT on the potty willingly at this point!) Brilliant flash of genius! (Ouch, I’m blinded.)

Hey, I’ll try anything to save a few bucks a month on diapers. I could buy me some dancin’ shoes with that money! Or more wine. I always need more wine….but I digress.
Alas, I have the most strong-willed 3 year old on the planet. Her response to her big brother’s urgings? “No tanks, Sam. I don’t wanna.”

Potty fail.

*this may be why she isn’t potty trained – I’m not very forceful on the issue. She scares me sometimes.

However, Boo took to his newfound responsibility like a fish to water.

The other morning, I heard him encouraging Pea in the other room: “Like this! You do it like this” to which Pea responded “Go away, Sam”.

I walked in to see this:

“What are you doing?”

“teaching Maddie how to walk with ‘Elf feet'”.

Elf feet. I don’t know whether to laugh or lock him in his room with some books, as obviously he has WAY too much time on his hands for the ridiculous. Kinda like his mom.

A few minutes later I hear thumping and giggling. I return to the living room to see this:

“What are you doing, hon?”

“I’m teaching Maddie to hop like this. Isn’t it silly?” Um, yes. Something she can definitely use on her college applications.

And then he hops up, ran to the hallway, and said, quite enthusiastically “watch this!!!!” as he spins on the floor.

And did it again.

“I’m teaching Maddie how to spin on her BUTT!!!”

That’s my boy. I am SO proud.

Sooooo…. should you see a 3yo wearing a tutu with a very soggy diaper hanging out from below it, walking in her sparkly Dora sandals with “elf feet” and then promptly stopping to breakdance, well, you’ll know its MY daughter.

But you gotta love Boo’s enthusiasm!

For more Monday silliness, head right on over to my gal Jenny’s blog Jennyonthespot!


  1. First of all, RIGHT ON to the big brother who is willing to teach his sister the ropes of life…how can she get the most out of it without knowing how to walk with elf feet???

    Second, I am SO glad you answered my twit and gave me your address…your blog is fabulous! What a great way with words you have!!!! I’m adding you to my side bar right now!!

  2. jennyonthespot says

    I love your boy! And… Maddie and my Lucy… OK, so Lucy’s 4 and out of diapers, but… not THAT out of diapers. I feel a sister.

    Elf feet…. heheheeeeheheeheheeh! Awesome.

    Note: if she is in a FULL diaper, careful about her ploppin’ on that bottom, you know how those absorbent beads get EVERYWHERE with a big enough jolt 😉

  3. Cute. My son (7rs) is trying to teach my four and five year old subtraction. He just doesn’t get it that they aren’t ready and really don’t care!

  4. The elf feet thing is way too cute! I know I will be finding myself walking around with elf feet!
    Extend my thanks to your creative little guy.

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