Happy Birthday to my Hubs

Dear Pete,

Today is your birthday. I made you a cake, chocolate (my your favorite), but don’t have much to offer you in the gift department – not because your birthday is so close to Christmas in as much as because you are not a materialistic person, and so you never ask for much. (Unlike me. Do you want the list now, or later?)

You bravely took on the burdens and pressures of moving your family overseas, work hard all day, and then come home to….chaos. You roll up your shirtsleeves and help with bathtime, and the kids bounce onto our bed, anxious to read to you, to tell you about their day.

You NEVER complain, yet you let me vent.

You are a perfectionist (which you passed on to your children, thankyouverymuch or was that me?) You cannot sit still for long. You are focused and driven where I am not (which is why you get up at 5am to go to the gym, and I…do not. <shudders>)

You love your children with a passion, for all their quirks (and despite them) – and for all your shared qualities (or despite them.) You are sentimental, and you laugh until you cry when one of the kids says something funny yet entirely inappropriate.

Tonight at the dinner table, Pea looked at you and said “we didn’t know what to get you, so we wrapped up all our love for you. That’s the best present, anyway.”

I watched as you, my sweet, sentimental husband, teared up. As expected. Pea looked very pleased with herself as we explained they were happy tears.

Leave it to our daughter to get it just right.

Happy birthday, baby.  I love you.


  1. I love the cake and the letter! You’re such a sweet wife! What a lucky husband you have:)

  2. Happy Birthday, Pete! It sounds like it was a good one 🙂

  3. Jenn, your blog to Pete is the perfect gift.
    And Maddies of course. Love you both, Mom

  4. Amy Sabalaskey says

    Happy Birthday Pete!! What a perfect present from Jenn and the kids. I teared up reading this!! Hope you had (with time change, I’m assuming it is the next day now) a great Birthday!!

  5. Dear Jenn,

    Well you described him perfectly! That is why you are such a good wife to Pete!

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