Project We: And so it begins

I am a blogger. My kids know this. So far, they haven’t asked to read it.

I am about to venture into new, scary territory. I’m embarking on an adventure….with Boo.

Project We.

Project We is the product of my blogger friend/idol Jenny and her daughter Olivia’s inspiration, a method of togetherness on the interwebz, as Olivia has her own blog, too. (How cool is that?)

Anyway….it’s a pretty fun twist on the 365 meme. They have come up with 52 prompts, and each week we will write at least one post or take a photo or draw a picture inspired by that week’s prompt. Together.

To be clear: Boo does NOT have a blog of his own. If he did, I would be called something like “Tractor Man” and would be all about tractors. Garbage trucks. Trains. Rock ‘n roll. Actually, maybe he will eventually get the blogging bug. Might be a good idea to let him learn to spell, first.

However, Boo and I, well, we need some together time, too. And he is really creative. And this year, for me, is about change, and trying new things.  So we’re jumping on board, and we will hopefully be putting up at least ONE joint post a week. We’ll see where it goes. I’m also hoping to find another mom/son combo out there to team up/link up with for the project.

In the meantime, if you hear any whining or head-butting coming from this side of the pond, well, its likely us. We both work well with others. But we are too much alike to be considered “others”.

It’s a new year. This is our new adventure. Stay tuned…..


  1. What a great picture and… wheeee!!!!!! SO excited!

  2. Great idea! My boo doesn’t know what i am writing about but he would me mortified to know he was a topic, ever. i just saw on our profile that one of your favorite movies is, The Princess Bride, mine too- inconceivable!

    I just became your newest follower!

  3. Have fun with it. Can’t wait to hear what comes out of his mouth. He is a gem even without him stating his ideas in a blog. Should be great.

  4. This is an amazing idea!!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to link up –

    My monkey has been asking about/ asking me to read the entries about him and his siblings – he would LOVE this idea – it looks like your Boo is quite the artist!!

    I love this!

    • Oh, do it, do it! My guy was hesitant at best but I think it has been churning in that beautiful brain of his, as the questions he has been asking clearly show that he is really getting into it. It definitely a different mother-son “thing” than a movie, that’s for sure.

  5. Love the photo. My daughter and I have both joined Jenny’s project also. I stumbled over to your blog through the link up. I’m writing my NEW post tonight but my daughter already wrote hers. She has her own blog and although we are using this project as a way to bond each week and work together brainstorming on each writing prompt, we are writing different posts. I am finding it fun just to teach her how to upload images, edit photos and how to be more creative. This project was just the kick she needed with her blog.

    Excited to join along with you for the next 52 weeks.

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