Time Outs

Time outs are a growing activity around our household, lately, I am sad to admit.

Boo is a wonderful, kind, thoughtful, loving little boy. Except, typically, where his sister is involved. Now I am told this is NOT an unusual situation, but that doesn’t seem to make it any easier, especially since he outweighs her by a good 20 pounds and has at least a foot on her in height.
The end result of his lack of patience and her level of persistence is the time-out bench. Boo, in his need for control, will sit there, but he will also demand “only THREE minutes, Mommy”. Yeah, right – sorry kiddo, but that is why I wear the mommy underpants!
Its a hard thing, watching him sit there, in a pitiful, wet heap of 5yo dismay:

But, Boo boy, its for your own good. One day you’ll thank me for this! Really, you will!

(Ok: not for the picture, however. This little guy WOULD be mortified by the picture here on the blog. That is why Pete and I will be taking care of our own nursing home arrangements long before the kids need to get involved…..)

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