Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New

Happy New Year, everyone! <toots horn, throws confetti>

Personally, I’m not a big celebrator of New Year’s Eve – as my Dad always says, “New Year’s Eve is for amateurs”. I would agree, having personally nursed more than a few hangovers on New Year’s Day in years past. Not no more. Uh. Uh.

Not because I can’t handle a hangover alone.

It’s just that hangovers and children. Do. Not. Mix.

I’m also not a big fan of resolutions. They are too easy to leave behind. Don’t believe me? Go to your local gym on February 28. I guarantee it will be nowhere near as crowded as it was on January 4. Realistically, I do much better – if it is something I need to give up/a habit I need to quit – if I do it during Lent. 40 days. Manageable goal. Catholic guilt. It all works. And at the end of 40 days? Generally, I’ve managed to break the bad habit I gave up.

But, this year, my theme is going to be “Positive Thinking”. I’m not dwelling on the negative. Like we should be doing more with our kids, I want to accentuate the positive. I want to resolve to DO things, not quit things. I am the anxious worrier, so it’s a tougher road, this half-full, see the positive gig, but I’m going to give it a go.

So, sticking my toe in the water of New Year’s resolution blog posts, here are my:

Goals for 2011

* Exercise more. Actually make it to the end of the 30-day shred, and keep up with my Wii fit – and maybe add a few new fitness games. Zumba, anyone?

* Continue towards a healthier lifestyle, and lower my cholesterol number*. *If I can find someone here in the NHS who will agree to actually test my numbers for me.

* Write more. My blogs, other blogs, what have you.

* Surround myself with POSITIVE energy, and eliminate those who belittle my efforts.

* Drink more champagne. Life is too short.

* Visit Spain, Italy, France, Tunisia, Malta, and Austria.

* Commit to ironing twice a week to maintain my husband’s supply of dress shirts. Or, alternately, buy him more.

* Send a thank-you note to my dry cleaner in Barrington. Oh, how I miss them so. Oh, how I took them for granted.

* Take a photography course and learn how to use my digital camera without the automatic settings. Finally.

* Yell less. Sing more. Earplugs will not be provided.

* Be more disciplined. I get distracted far too <OH! Shiny thing!> easily.

* Laugh more. I let other people stress me out far too much.

It’s not a bucket list, but its a place to start.  I don’t need a new year to start fresh, but a new page on a calendar IS good motivation.

As is the swimsuit stuffed in the bottom drawer.

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