Its a bird, its a flying Barbie, no, its: Super Maddie!

The depths of Pea’s dress up box is unimaginable. I have no problem letting her wear her costumes wherever, assuming they are appropriate (I draw the line at dress-up clothes at Church). There aren’t too many opportunities for kids to make decisions for themselves (hence our struggles in potty training, but that is a different post entirely) so I do let them pick out their own clothes, so its open game for anything in the closets, drawers and basement dress up box.
As such, it is not uncommon to see Pea in a princess dress with rain boots. Actually, its not uncommon to see Pea in rain boots with pretty much any outfit, and rain is not a necessary part of the equation. They are just one more fashion opportunity.
So last night, as we sat in the dark after reading bedtime stories, I was talking with Pea about all the adventures we would have the next day. First on the agenda was “Superkids”, a class we take at the Park District that has circle time and lots of active play, including an obstacle course. Pea looked at me, eyes bright, and said “I could way-uwr my Supewr Maddie cape”.

Why not?

When she woke up, she ran to the basement for her Super Maddie cape. She got dressed, and put it on. She wore it to her Superkids class, to the Supermarket (where it flapped behind her in the strong winds as she sat in the cart) and even through naptime. She wore it outside to play, and through dinner. We peeled it off her for bathtime, because I have my limits, and even Superheroes need baths.

I think every kid needs a superhero cape of their very own!!!! (In fact, I’m wondering why I don’t have one for my alter ego, Super Mommy! It would be a great excuse to get some tall boots in a shiny, funky color. I’m all about props…)
But, with our without their capes, I have some pretty super kids.

**if you want a cape like Maddie’s, head on over to Superfly Kidz at Etsy, and she can hook you up!

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