Flashback Post: Always with the quick comeback

I’m taking a well-earned break from blogging (read: the Hubs won’t let me near the computer on my holiday) so I’m posting a few of my favorite early posts. Enjoy!

At nearly 5 years old, I don’t think Boo can yet be classified as a smart-ass. Not when he is so matter-of-fact in his responses.

What he IS is a worry-wart.

“Mommy, if I touch this, will the police come?” (No, Boo)
“Mommy, if I touched my butt and then ate a cookie, will I die?”
(Your pants were up? Then, no)
“Mommy, if I don’t finish this, will I starve?” (Um, no, not in this house.)

After 15 minutes of STRAIGHT questions, I finally asked:

“Boo, why do you always look for problems???!!!”

The response? “Well Mom, that’s just the way I work!”

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