Happy Birthday, Dad

(Ok, so this post is going up a bit late – I’m behind on my blogging. The message is just as heartfelt as it was the day of his birthday!)
My Dad turned 65 today! Given the fact that his birth father passed in his early 20s and his adoptive father also passed at a relatively young age, its a pretty remarkable accomplishment. And I think that living through a valve replacement last year gave him a different perspective on life.
This morning we hopped in the car and drove to my parents house to spend the day with him. We took him to lunch, and had a really wonderful meal. (Next time, we’re leaving the cranky kids at home, but since it was his birthday, we decided that they had to be there.) Returning home, we spent part of the afternoon going through an old box of family photos, trying to figure out who the people were in the really old photos (early 1900s and probably older), and laughing at the pictures of all of us in our early years (including Mom’s big glasses, Dad’s lambchop sideburns and our horrifically big hair in the late 80s).
He is a pretty remarkable guy. Pete and I call him “the original MacGuyver”, because there is nothing he can’t fix or build, and more often than not, his solutions to a problem are so blindingly simple but completely amazing to those living obliviously (like us).
He has a lifetime’s worth of tools and he knows how to use them. He is creative and talented at woodworking and building. Growing up he always had something for us – really unique Halloween costumes (one year, my sister went as a stop-sign, complete with working red, yellow and green lights on the front) and I don’t think there is a room in my parents house that hasn’t been remodeled – by him – at least twice.
He has a quick wit and searing sense of humor (that my mom, often the beneficiary of it, may not appreciate like the rest of us, but I understand!) I get my wit from him. (Pete will add, at least we both think we are witty, but he’s not the one writing this blog.)
He is a man of few words, but we know that he loves us. And I certainly hope he knows how much we love him too.
Happy Birthday, Daddy.

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