It’s a bit Grinch-like at my house.

I’m trying to get into the holiday spirit. Really, I am.

I should be sitting pretty right now. My shopping is all done – has been done for almost a week.

And yet.

I’m not ready.

It’s only a few days before Christmas, and I have no presents wrapped. The yummy honey-glazed ham I ordered from the Cotswolds is currently sitting back in the Parcelforce depot because the driver decided the weather was too bad. (Never mind that I made it to the town where the depot is located – and back – in a Toyota Prius which has no low gear.)

I have not yet baked cookies.

I could actually use a shower, but I haven’t even managed to squeeze that in to the chaos that was today.

My son told me today “It’s ok mom, I don’t actually want any presents this year”. I replied “It’s a bit too late for that – you’ve already sent your list to Santa”. Boo says “Well actually, Mommy – I’ve been pretty bad. I don’t think Santa will be bringing me anything, anyway.”

Hear that sound? It is my heart breaking. Which is a dangerous thing for someone with a heart two sizes too small.

It looks like we’ve been a bit too harsh with the “If you don’t start behaving, Santa won’t bring you anything”. By the behavior, it would appear that they weren’t listening. The reality is – they were.


I’ve got a few more days to pull it together.

I could use a quiet morning to get things done. Fingers crossed for me that they actually have a “last day of school” day tomorrow, replete with class Christmas parties, their Christmas dinner, and their Carol concert, and a chance to hand out the Christmas cards that they are (hopefully) in the other room, finishing.


Momma Grinch


  1. Jenn, it is completely understandable. This is you first Christmas ever with no extended family and friends. You’ll pull it together on Christmas day and have a wonderful, peaceful day that you will enjoy for it’s own memories.

    Love you,

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