A Favorite Gift

On a recent “Fill in the Blank Friday” post, one blank asked about my favorite gift. It’s always difficult to pick ONE favorite – I have many, favorites for different reasons.

This one, however, I will hold onto for as long as I can. It’s pretty special to me.

Pea made this for me when she was two and in pre-school. She is very proud of it and picks it up to show it to me often, saying “This is filled with my love, mommy”. ┬áIt’s getting a bit faded, having proudly been displayed on one of our deep window ledges in the bedroom (but now moved to a nightstand, safe from the damaging rays {cough cough} of the Welsh sun).

The gift tag reads:

This is a very special gift

That you can never see

The reason that it is so special is

That it is from you to me!

Never ever open it

Just keep the ribbon tied

Hold it close to your heart

It’s filled with love inside

I love this gift because it means so much to Pea – she probably didn’t “get it” when she made it, but she understands it now – and isn’t so literal that she is saying “Mommy, you can’t put LOVE in a BOX”.

I’m not looking forward to the day I hear that, or when her older, wiser brother attempts to set her straight on the matter.

In fact, while he’s still young and sweet, I’m trying to convince him to give me a box of HIS love for Christmas. I know there will be days ahead when he’s mad at or annoyed with his dorky mom and I’ll need to hold on to it all the more!


  1. Oh the precious sweetness!

  2. One of your best blogs. Brought tears. Don’t need them as I need to go out and they will probably freeze. Its snowing again. Mom

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