Letters to Santa

This year, unprompted and without any help, Boo wrote his letter to Santa. Early. As in, November 2nd, or so. It was pretty specific. Do you think Santa shops at the John Deere store?

Pea, on the other hand, didn’t get around to writing her letter. She has also been pretty vague every time she saw Santa in town (she says “He’s not the REAL Santa”.) I will admit, he was a pretty anemic looking Santa. The missus must not have been feeding him his milk and cookies, and his beard was really patchy (cotton). So I can’t blame her.

However, she was counting on seeing Santa’s REAL helper (because, both my kids know, the REAL SANTA hangs out at Spring Hill Mall in West Dundee) on the Santa train this past weekend. Which was cancelled, due to snow. So…it remains to be seen if Santa has nailed her Christmas requests or not.

As for me, my letter to Santa goes something like this:

Dear Santa,

I have all I really want, but what I really need is some patience. And thinner thighs. And a flat belly.

If you can deliver, you can have ALL my Christmas cookies. (I’ve already picked the Hershey’s kisses out of the peanut butter blossoms, anyway. Sorry. Thinner thighs, remember?)

Merry Christmas, Peace and Love,


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