Meal Fail

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who ate all sorts of wonderful things. BOWLS of broccoli for dinner. Grilled chicken. Pork chops. Balsamic-glazed grilled asparagus. (Seriously!) Pasta by the pound.

Then, she turned 2-1/2, and started exerting her will over one of the only two things she has control of. (The other is the potty, and believe me, I’ve said it before: she just may be the first person to enter college in diapers. At least, it seems like that to me.)

Now, at three, she has a very simple diet:

Strawberry milk. Bread. Raisins. Bagels. Yogurt. Cheerios and Kix cereal. Apples. Did I say bread? Oh, and crackers in any form. And smoothies.

This, I present to you with much shame, is Pea’s lunch for today:

And I guarantee, she will be ticked off that I put grapes on the plate. I assure you, they will not get eaten – but I will try.
Its amazing to me that she looks as healthy as she does – but I suppose she isn’t starving. (And actually, I shouldn’t be surprised. I LOVE bread, and it doesn’t keep ME skinny, either.)
Someday, somewhere, she will rediscover a love for actual food that maybe, just maybe, I can put between the slices of “blead”.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to eat the “glapes” that Pea just deposited on my desk with a huff and go make her some Carnation Instant Breakfast-doctored milk.


  1. I am in the same boat. 2.5 years old. Although I think you’re eats more than mine. Some days I swear I can’t figure out what she eats to make the poop that she produces. She survives on Starbucks Kids Vanilla Steamers alone.

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