Thanks for the compliment. Really.

Last week, a little old man told me my puppy looked like “a zebra gone wrong”.

Last month, someone coming to my door asked me when I was expecting. (Trust me, I’m not.)

When Boo was 3 months old, a checker at the local supermarket said he looked “just like a troll doll”.

A friend of mine was recently told “You look much nicer with your hair blowdried.” (A backhanded compliment if I ever heard one.)

What is it with people and thoughtless comments? Around my house, we refer to it as “not having a filter”.

I mean, I’m a big believer in freedom of speech and all that, but as I explain to my dear son nearly every day: not every thought that comes into your head necessarily NEEDS to be spoken out loud. Particularly if it is overly critical or unkind.  And I realize that, while this is a complicated concept to learn, Boo is only 6. The average age for all the above commentators was likely 42.

And my problem? Oh, I’ve got some great comebacks. Real clever zingers. Only – they hit any time from 20 minutes to two days later. Believe it or not, these kinds of comments just leave me speechless.

Yeah, I know. Hard to believe.

So, for the record: unless you see me in full-blown labor, with the baby actually popping out, do NOT ask me if I am pregnant.

In the meantime, me and my mad zebra-striped puppy and almost-7-year-old troll doll boy will go take a walk to work off this baby belly.

So NOT a Troll Doll!

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