Fill In The Blank Friday – Musings

TGIF! That can only mean one thing – It’s Fill in the Blank Friday!

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1. I wish I could just lose this last two stone! (Two stone sounds a lot easier to accomplish than about 28 pounds.) I’ve been struggling with my weight since I had Pea – I lost most of it on Weight Watchers, and then I gained it back slowly. I finally found a meeting time for Weight Watchers here that I can make it to (most are in the evening and do involve a drive out of town) . Unfortunately, when I went to join this week – it was closed due to bad weather. It’s always something…

2. Yesterday I finished up the last of the Christmas shopping I could do on my own, and I treated myself to a peppermint mocha at Starbucks. I love going to Starbucks, as – aside from the accents and a few different pastries in the case – it reminds me of home.

3. Today I will meet my lovely friend Nadine for a coffee after spending a morning tearing around the house, trying to catch up (and likely failing to do so.)

4. Tomorrow I will take my family to finish the last of the Christmas shopping (hopefully) and have a nice family day, and later go to dinner with my husband, and have a quiet, adult evening that will keep up both OFF our respective laptops.

5. Maybe we’ll have time to get – and decorate – the Christmas tree before its time for dinner. And maybe at said adult dinner we won’t talk only about the kids!

6. Someday soon my kids won’t believe in Santa Claus anymore, and  the mystery will be gone. I want to enjoy these days as long as they last.

7. I love seeing my the faces of my children as we turn on the lights of the Christmas tree.

How would YOU fill in the blanks?

Play along in the comment section below or link up with Lauren’s post at the little things we do.


  1. i would never speak again if i couldn’t talk about my kids. everything i do involves them.

  2. I love Weight Watchers! Their frozen meals are so good!

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