This morning, I found my daughter at the breakfast table, talking to her spoon.


Excruciating. This is the word that best describes trying to get my darling, lovely, imaginative daughter out the door in the morning.

Don’t get me wrong. I love her imagination, her creativity, her penchant for singing to herself in her off-key voice.

I would also LOVE to see her eat her breakfast in LESS than 45 minutes.

She is a dreamer. She eats, she might chat a bit, she dallies. I leave the table to rinse my dishes so that she can focus on her cereal. I turn around, and she is lost in space. I gently remind her that she needs to eat so we can get to school. “OK mommy”. I return to the kitchen to fill drinks bottles. Turning back, I find her…singing quietly to herself.

This is just breakfast. She hasn’t had her morning wee, or gotten dressed yet. Which, of course, means picking the right tights, finding a cardy that is NOT longer than the buttons on her dress, and then everything has to be put on in a particular order.  Did I mention excruciating?

The waiting….it’s painful, as is trying to NOT yell at her to hurry up.


Yay, she’s dressed, now we just have to do her hair and then we’re out the door. No, matching hair clips must go on each SIDE of her head, not one on each side. Wrong color bow. Mittens must go on just so: “over the (cardigan) sleeves, under the coat”.

OCD much? I just pound my head against the door in quiet frustration, and urge her to just COME. ON.

She is in no apparent rush, and “Mommy – I wanted to zip up my coat myself“. She unzips, then zips the coat again.


At long last, we are out the door. She is chatting happily as the two of us walk into school. (Boo has long since gotten frustrated with the morning rush delays yelling late run to school, so he gets dropped of at Breakfast club by the Hubs on his way to work – after having breakfast with us.)

She gives me a big hug and a kiss goodbye, every morning.

How can such a sweet, happy little girl leave me frazzled by 8:55am?

The one thing I DO know?  That when she grows up, she’ll accomplish anything she puts her mind to.

When she gets around to it.

Mama's Losin' It

Thanks to Mama Kat for providing the inspiration for today’s post. For more fun reads on things that are Excruciating (or Simple, Angsty, Enchanted or Bold) head on over to Mama Kat’s blog here.


  1. Much better her spoon than thin air! 🙂 She sounds adorable!

  2. Awwww, my lesson for today that I have just learned from your sweet angel. Get up in the morning and sing! You are very lucky to have a that little song bird. Bless you & your family always!

  3. Reminds me of my son! I am dreading kindergarten next year!

  4. Sounds just like my son. He is 8 now and it has always been this way. She sounds adorable though. I love reading a blog and knowing that I am not alone. Thanks. Maybe Monday morning, I will reflect on your post while I watch my 8 year old adjust his shoe laces so each on is even then tie (or retie) them so they match exactly. :0)

  5. LOL Very funny… and yet, I feel dread for the future with my little one. He takes so much after my OCD father. And, if I’m being honest, a bit after myself as well. (insert sheepish grin) Well, I’m just stopping by from Mama Kat’s… glad I did, you did a great job with describing the morning chaos in a fun way… well, fun for us readers, anyway. ;o)

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