And then there was the time I fell….

Thanksgiving, schmanksgiving, it’s not celebrated over here and thinking about it will make me the teensiest homesick for family…so I’m not gonna talk about it.

So. Um. Yeah, this is awkward. *crickets chirping*

Speaking of awkward…

I am a tad bit clumsy. Ungraceful. Awkward. I am always tripping over my own feet. Or my own laundry basket, during which stumble I tried to catch myself and slammed my toe into the wall. And broke my pinkie toe. At about 8 months pregnant. (To be fair, I couldn’t SEE my feet. I prolly couldn’t see the basket under me, I was so big. But we won’t go there.)

Or, there was the time that I was walking into preschool with Boo by the hand and Pea in her baby seat….and the floors were wet from the snow…and I had on my slippy-soled boots…and fell. Hard. I think I bounced. If this had happened in a warehouse store, I think I may have contacted someone similar to Florida slip and fall accident lawyers. And Pea’s carseat carrier BOUNCED off the floor, hard, also. (She was ok. It woke her up momentarily.) I wasn’t hurt much, a bit more embarrassed than anything. When I picked them up, I slunk in and out to avoid the inevitable “are you ok (because you hit so hard you bounced)” comments. Later on, the director said “Oh, you were so gracious about falling”. Damn, I thought she said graceful, but I’m sure it was anything but.

Or the other day, as I tripped UP the stairs. With a full cup of coffee in hand. Thank the sweet baby Jesus for good carpet cleaners.

{sighs} Yes, one more thing to be thankful for. I can’t escape it.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

There’s lots more Thanksgiving fun (or falling down stories) over at Mama Kat’s, as its Writer’s Workshop day!

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  1. I fell in Target once, eight months pregnant. It was pure class. I feel your pain. Plus, I’m an American in Japan….I miss my family too!

  2. Oh no! Im clumsy too. Hey, at least you didn’t get hurt right?! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Im stopping by from Mama Kat’s WW.

  3. Oh Dear! The many hazards that we face daily. Hope it’s encouraging to know you are not alone. I’ve tripped UP the stairs as well. I blame tripping on the cat whenever I can. After all, she is always stalking me underfoot. Misery loves company. You seem to be a very good sport about the misfortunes. One more thank you to add today – thank you for sharing. Have a happy one!

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