Fill in the Blank Friday – Thanksgiving

Thank GOD it is Friday – it has been such a long week, and it is only by His grace that my children have lived to see tonight that I have survived this week. I’m flabbergasted that Thanksgiving is only a week away – or, should I say, that my family back home will be celebrating Thanksgiving next week. Me? Not so much. With just the four of us, Thanksgiving feels like just another family dinner, only with too much food.


It’s Fill in the Blank Friday, and this week is all about Thanksgiving (because next Friday I suppose most of you will still be in a turkey coma.) So here we go!

1. My Thanksgiving plans this year will include absolutely nothing! Thanksgiving isn’t the same when it’s just the four of us (and one of us doesn’t eat turkey…or mashed potatoes…or green beans…or anything not resembling a hot dog or a chicken nugget) – especially since the British don’t have the same -erm – appreciation for the holiday as we do in the States.  I cooked a bird last year, along with all the trimmings. It was a lot of work. It didn’t feel right. No football. No cousins beating up on each other in the other room. No poking fun at my mom making gravy.   Ok, so I might buy a boned turkey breast (it’s wrapped in bacon!) just so we have turkey leftovers. And I’ll cook it on the week-end.

2. My favorite Thanksgiving was probably when I was just married – all the family was still coming to Thanksgiving then. Every year we celebrate it with just my family and all of our Sikora cousins – but with just about everyone married now, it’s harder to get everyone together at the table these days.

3. My signature Thanksgiving dish is pumpkin pie. I live for Thanksgiving just to have pumpkin pie. Even if I did sometimes buy it from Costco. Shhhh….don’t tell anyone!

4. My favorite Thanksgiving food is ummm…pumpkin pie. See #3….Although, my mom’s corn casserole is pretty darn good too. Oh, and Aunt Jeanne’s gravy: any recipe that starts with “Melt one stick of butter” is guaranteed to be awesome!

5. Thanksgiving free association turkey, gravy, dressing, cranberry sauce in a can, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, cousins, teasing at the table, try-to-stop-at-the-sigh. Turkey coma.

6. Thanksgiving is a family holiday. No fussy decorations, no rushing, just family getting together, eating until you can’t move, watching football, and laughing together.

7. I am thankful for my wonderful husband, my incredibly funny, interesting, frustrating kids, my goofy puppy, my family back home as well as my new friends here and old friends far away, a roof over my head and food on my table. I am thankful for a good school for my kidlings, better teachers, my children’s passion for learning. I’m thankful for coffee, lemon cake Baileys Irish Cream. I’m thankful for the freedoms we enjoy and that we take for granted every day. I’m thankful for good health AND for private healthcare in the States (I’ve had enough of the NHS here, thankyouverymuch.) I am thankful for my bloggy friends and for all the comments that are left that make me feel like I’m not in this alone.

How are you spending YOUR Thanksgiving and what are YOU thankful for???

Play along at Lauren’s blog the little things we do OR down below in the comments section!

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