Coffee is a Food Group. Isn’t it?

Coffee….oh my, how I love coffee. *excuse me while I have a sip*

Do you know what I like even better? A latte. Sitting in a cafe or coffee shop. Out of my house. Which probably needs cleaning.

It’s funny how some of us need coffee. In the mornings, I can’t function without a big cup of coffee! I even read an article (DailyBayonet – 5 Tips how to make a great Espresso) to learn how to make my own espresso’s in the morning. I seriously love coffee! Now, the Hubs – he cannot drink coffee on an empty stomach. But he has a delicate constitution. Which means more coffee for me if I get to it before he eats breakfast. Which isn’t often. That said, it isn’t always a good idea to talk to him before his coffee. He NEEDS coffee. Since we are both such coffee fiends, our friend recommended we get a sage espresso machine, which sounds amazing. Maybe we can ask for it for Christmas!

Since moving to the UK, I’ve also rediscovered my love for tea. In my house, a coffee break and a tea break could be interchangeable.

I love coffee for many reasons. Here are ten, because I love lists.

1. Primarily, it has caffeine.

2. Just as importantly – it tastes good. *nom nom nom*

3. It gives me a reason to slow down. (My first cup of coffee in the morning? I never get to finish it. I carry it around the house as I get Pea dressed, make beds, whatever – and inevitably misplace it. It goes cold. I do believe this drives my husband crazy insane.) My second cup? I get to enjoy that. Sitting. Down.

4. Oh – that second cup? It also means that I have already walked the dog…

Really, you can have coffee now. I need a nap.

5. It’s an excuse to meet my friends out in the middle of the day. Oh, do I treasure those coffee dates.

6. A skinny latte is good for me. I don’t drink enough milk.

someday it will read this again

It’s also a food group all its own, in my book. Along with chocolate, alcohol, fruit and bread. Ok, so maybe not, but as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I do consider it a vegetable – it IS a bean, after all. Work with me on this one, people.

7. Did I mention caffeine?

8. Three words: Pumpkin Spice Latte. Heaven in a cup.

9. Two more: Peppermint Mocha. It means that Christmas is coming! And, hello? Yummy!

10. Best of all – it is a delivery device for my Baileys.


Are you a coffee fiend? Do you NEED coffee, or do you just enjoy it?

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  1. I am pretty far gone with my coffee habit. Straight, Black, Folger’s…I drink too much too fast to be able to afford gourmet on an regular basis… Like the alcoholics at the Y who drink the Aqua Velva… Stopping by from Mama Kat’s.

    • “like the alcoholics at the Y who drink the Aqua Velva” – that just made coffee come out my nose.
      I rarely get gourmet because, well, 18 miles. I do enjoy an occasional cup of DD when my mom sends me some from the States though, and I do resort to instant daily.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. “delivery device for Bailey’s” = amazing! I laughed out loud, and now I’m jealous because I wish I had thought of it, lol! I am totally with you on the coffee is a vegetable thing … can you tell my husband so he stops making me eat those icky green things? oh, and I can totally have a peppermint latte in July and think Christmas is just around the corner! Loved your list!

  3. I don’t like coffee, but you certainly make an appealing argument! Substitute hot chocolate for coffee, and that would be me!

  4. My Wabi Sabi book says this is called Mimetic Behavior. I want to love coffee just because everyone else loves it. Truth is……I’m Wabi Sabi and I think it tastes pretty much yuck.

    My 5 year old nephew once claimed he was allergic to bread. And I, being pretty intolerant of wheat myself asked him how he knew that he was allergic.
    I asked, “What happens to you when you eat it?”
    His response, “I say yuck!”

    Guess you can’t argue with that! So, according to my Nephew, I’m ALLERGIC to coffee. It makes me say YUCK.
    But, I am thoroughly glad that it makes you so happy!

    Great post!

  5. Hey! I’m also swinging by from Mama Kat’s. I never thought of it as a bean before so I’m just going to add that to my reasons to drink it 🙂 And does Bailey’s really need a delivery device?

  6. This is what my Wabi Sabi book calls Mimetic Behavior. I want to love coffee because you and everyone else LOVE coffee, but I don’t. So, I guess I AM Wabi Sabi.

    My 5 year old nephew once told me that he was allergic to bread. I was interested because I too am very intolerant of wheat (I just can’t take it anymore….ughh) and so I asked him, “What happens when you eat it?”
    His response, “I say Yuck!”

    That’s a pretty serious allergic reaction. In fact, I think that may be the same one I have to coffee. So, I don’t just dislike it, but according the my nephew the allergist, I am also allergic to coffee.

    I am so very happy that coffee makes your life so wonderful! Great post.

  7. Yay! The pumpkin spice latte is my favorite EVER!

    Also, the Baileys really does top it off!

    See my post on coffee here!

  8. I NEED it! It is not a good idea to mess with me before I’ve had my coffee in the mornings! I’ve got to try one of those pumpkin spice lattes…never had one.

  9. I drink coffee. All DAY LONG. As much as I can get. I would shoot it up if I could.

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