Little Miss-Matched (or, Garanimals Be Damned)

Do you remember Garanimals – the line of kids clothing from the 70’s that had little tags hanging on it, and anything with a purple elephant matched everything with a purple elephant? Which was,  in the end, pointless, because as soon as you brought the clothes home you had to cut off the tag. And then you were once again on your own to make the apparently challenging decision of what tops went with which bottoms. *to be fair to Garanimals, which I realize is still in business, they now color coordinate the tags. Pea would likely love them, given how much of a rule follower she is.

However, Garanimals wouldn’t know what to do with Pea.

EVERYTHING that Pea wears must match. HOWEVER – her definition of “matching” may not gel with what you or I consider “matching”.

Apparently, the tights, skirt, shirt AND sweater all match. Because they have, as Pea explained “All of the same colors – pink, purpuwl, and gween.”

Bet you can’t guess what her favorite color is!!! Punky Brewster, eat your heart out!


  1. Gotta say that I LOVE that outfit she has on! Really, not saying that sarcastically. I think Pea has great taste.

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