I Want a Bathroom that Flushes

I like a clean house. Its the cleaning I’m not so fond of. Well, not quite true. I’m finding a kind of zen moment when I mop. Or maybe that’s just the cleaning fumes.

Back to topic…

Ranking my preference of my to-do list, cleaning the toilets is rock bottom. Right below scrubbing baseboards with my toothbrush. Oh, I clean them, no worries if you come to visit, but it seems the hard water here (or something) makes the chore a more frequent one; the shape of the bowls makes them really difficult to clean as well.

Lucky me. I have been looking at sites like https://waterfilterway.com/best-water-softener-reviews/ to read reviews on how to soften water, just to make my job a little easier, so I still have a few tricks up my sleeve to tackle this issue.

However, I’ve decided what I need is a bathroom that flushes.

Like the pubic sanisettes we found on our trip Paris this summer. And isn’t this chic?

If you haven’t been fortunate enough to encounter one of these FREE public toilets (hello, London – take a note on this, and don’t make me scrounge for 50p) this is the setup: basically, you push a button to open the door, and when you enter, the door automatically closes and locks behind you. (Hey – no kids walking in on me with ridiculous demands – like I switch out the DVD – while I’m obviously occupied.) You do your business, and when you leave, the entire room is sanitized and disinfected.

Did you hear that? The ENTIRE ROOM.

Ok, so there are some minor issues….like young children normally aren’t supposed to use them alone, lest they get caught inside during a cleaning cycle – so I would having a few minor personalizations made, like a start button, instead of it starting automatically (although, with a pair of swimming goggles, that would take care of bath night, too, wouldn’t it???) and maybe a waterproof bookshelf. And a seat warmer, because you KNOW that stainless still toilet seat is gonna feel cold in winter time.

Ok, so I haven’t gotten around the wet floor part – that would kind of suck on a cold winter day – slippers, maybe.

A girl can dream!


So, I’m curious: What’s your dream appliance/convenience product? Has it been invented? If you could create something to make your life easier, what would you do?


  1. that bathroom is wild! it wouldn’t be ideal for me – I’m a baking soda and vinegar type… harsh chemicals freak me out. but if it could be done with natural products, I’d love it. and yeah, throw the kids in there with goggles.
    I don’t think I have a dream appliance… maybe a kitchenaid mixer, which has definitely been invented and I put it to good use. it makes homemade bread easy. gotta love that!

  2. Hello Mama Rocks (that’s my name for you). Thanks for visiting my site.
    I know, can you believe how amazing this bathroom is? I had a wonderful opportunity to enter, no, experience one. Can you believe (when I was living in NY) in the middle of Harlem, in a dentist’s office). I must say we kept our appointments! My son’s seemed to have to use the bathroom every 15 minutes. I loved that it flushed itself and that I did not have to touch a thing, not even the door on my way out!
    Keep your dream alive : )

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