Make Me Laugh Monday: Little Buddha

As I mentioned yesterday, we took my parents into London for a few days sightseeing before they returned to the U.S.   I love museums, and the kids were keen on seeing some mummies, so we went to the British Museum.

Of course, none of my previous visits the British museum had been on a Sunday.

During half-term.

As you can imagine, it was mobbed. I hate crowds – after about an hour of being bounced around like a human pinball, I get very grouchy and edgy – so we went in search of some quieter galleries. As one of my nieces was born in China, my mom thought it would be fun to look at their Chinese collections, housed in the East Asian area.

I was surprised with how taken Pea was of the sculptures. Then, I turned around to see this:

What is she doing? She is copying THIS sculpture:

Soon after, she was contorting her body into all the poses of Shiva and Ganesh.

I only hope that the Hindu museum visitors weren’t thinking she was mocking the statues. She was genuinely fascinated with them.

Me? I was having a hard time not giggling. After all, it was pretty funny – her intensity in her poses, followed by a loud “Mommy, take a picture of me now!”


  1. Even thought it was crowded it looks like it turned out to be a great day and with giggling to boot!

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