Locker Room Drama

There are so many things in parenthood that you are never really prepared for, especially as a mother.  One recent conversation that Boo had with the Hubs was really heartbreaking….and a little funny.

It seemed like something was bothering him. He finally confessed to the Hubs that, earlier that day when changing after school swimming lessons, his friends started teasing him about having a “small willy”.

Hey – I’m not calling my boy out on anything here. He’s fine. It just….he’s an American in a crowd of British boys.

He is circumcised.

They are not.

I don’t think they had ever seen an uncircumcised willy. He, for sure, has not seen an uncircumcised one prior to moving here. (He changed with me in the women’s locker room for swimming lessons back in the U.S.)

Imagine the confusion that ensued. The poor boy was so despondent. He takes any kind of teasing, criticism or name-calling so personally, and so much to heart.

And…poor Hubs…he had to try to explain what circumcision is. I mean, what guy even likes to THINK about it?

I’m guessing that Boo tried to explain this all to them later, as now he complains that they make fun of his “American Willy”.


The Hubs’ take?  “Better that he gets the whole experience over with while he’s young, rather than his first time be in a high school locker room with tha’ brothas!!”

(and I thought that was just cliché!!!!)

Reality, indeed.


  1. @Momma
    If you could, would you take back having your boy circumcised or would you still do it? The rate in the USA now is something like 33%. Seems like Americans did it out of ignorance concerning the functions and purpose of the foreskin. What do you think?

    • You can only play if you can play nice – there ARE other factors other than ignorance. But I’ll overlook that *little* poke.
      If you are going to start throwing around numbers, Matt, the rate of 33% can be attributed the Western region of the US only in a 2006 survey; the North Central Region (that would be us Northern Illinoisans) was around 78%.

      Incidentally, a big part of the decision factor is still cultural. You have to keep that in mind, too.
      Little boys want to look like their daddies.
      We won’t be living in the UK forever.

      That said, to answer your original question, I don’t think I’d take it back, but I would have waited a few weeks to have it done for reasons I would prefer not to discuss.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Sorry, I didn’t mean to suggest you were unknowledgable. I meant that many American parents don’t know about the functions of the foreskin and so give permission to have a circumcision done from a position of ignorance. I didn’t mean to imply that was your case. Thanks for the response.

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