A Diva in the Making

stomping it out in the runway finale

The school had a Fashion Show for our fall fundraiser. Pea was asked to model. No, correct that she was asked to be “in de Fashion Show”. She came home from school, very excited: “Is dis week de Fashion Show? I’m excited to be in de Fashion Show!!! Mommy…what is a Fashion Show?”

Never to take these things lightly, the Headmistress showed the children how to walk, how to turn, then pause and count to five (insert a lot of bobbing heads as they counted to five in their minds), bless her heart. One of the teachers commented all the girls were practicing in the school yard, one hand on a hip, step-step-step turn…..

There is just one catch. The show was at 6:30 pm. On Friday night.

This is a child that hits fatigue-led meltdown mode at 4pm on a THURSDAY afternoon. By Friday, she is typically an overtired, whining, walking pile of goo. Thankfully, this was also taken into consideration (as well as nerves) and the year 6 girls walked all the kids down the runway.

I was a mess. I teared up at the first child down the runway. And he was not mine!

Needless to say, when Pea came on for the first time, I could barely take a picture. (yes, Technologically Deficient Mommy strikes again.) I managed to pull it together when she modeled a raincoat over her Christmas dress.

Pea Walks the Runway on Vimeo.

Did I say Diva? What do you call the male version of a runway diva?

Pea calls him Daddy.

Here you go: the Hubs’ modeling debut. Just because I can.

Enjoying the spotlight? Or relief that it's over....

(What – you didn’t think I’d post the video, did you???? Bad enough I guilted him into participating….)


Pete Walks the Runway from Jenn Belden on Vimeo.

Awww…he did a great job! So proud of you, honey!

(Especially since I could never do that. Too self-conscious and all that.)

All the children did an amazing job – especially since they didn’t have the benefit of a little Dutch courage (via a bottle or two of vino prior to THEIR runway walks.) Most of all, I’m so proud of my family! But don’t worry – there is no room for another (or two) Divas in this family. (Models can’t eat bread like Pea can!)  We’ll just let Pea continue to show us how she did her runway walk.


  1. Pea was way too cute! And I must say Pete was smokin’!

  2. Better looking than Simon Cowling, I’d say, and his fee is probably less, too!

  3. Ohmygosh, I actually got the video. But his head is chopped off.

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